Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Pakistani Kashmir - Disputed Forever

India has taken more Kashmiri lives that anyone or anything else in the world could possibly would have taken. The Indian hands are there, choking their breaths, squeezing their necks, making it harder, making it impossible for them to live lives. The Kashimiri people are now controlled by Indians; what they can or cannot do Or say; they are at their mercy.

What Kashmiri people wants?

Kashimirs don't desire be to an Indian. What they want, is to be Pakistan. And they will only resort to Pakistan if they are given their choices. For India, to them Kashmir is like a training camp; they send their Indian soldiers to shoot, train and skill-set on Kashmiri people. Why do Kashmiri people resist to Indian forces? Had they accepted the Indian sovereignty? No, they had not. They don't and they never will. They want to be freed, back into the map with Pakistan.


Why Pakistan cannot act against India?

History itself is the witness. Pakistan cannot act against India. What does Pakistan fears from India? It has been 68 years of endless debate and conflict, and who knows how many other years it will add into it before having the resolution for this blood bath. For Pakistan, India is a species of Big monster Cat family, the kind Pakistan deems it of an extra-terrestrial origin, that may or may not turn out to be what Pakistani military had always feared of it; something of the other world kind. It's the beast which Pakistan always had feared, that, what would it do to us if it gets angry or in a bad aggressive mood state.

Pakistani War strategist experts have always regarded Indians as an Alien beings, who could act in a manner Pakistan could never have possibly imagined; that's what is keeping Pakistan back all these years. Could Pakistan never understand India? Or it is that, Pakistan cannot asses the Indian brains, that what danger might they bring with them to us, if in a state of War.



Taking back Kashmir

Since the formation of both nations; Pakistan and India; both countries have fought three Wars for Kashmir, which each of them considers that every-time they had gone to War, each one of them had won it, and they reckon, the victory was one of theirs. Pakistan's patience are often viewed by its own people as indecisive and hesitant in taking any sort of action against India.

It is time, to reclaim what's ours; Kashmir. The dispute that will never settle unless Pakistan repossesses what's his own. The fight will never end, until Pakistan wins over India and take back what belongs to us. India had Kashmir for 68 years, and up-till now they must have experienced the struggle which Kashirmis have shown to them. The lives which India had taken from them. India should give Kashmir back to Pakistan the blood they drank from the people of Kashmir. India's blood drinking thirst must have been quenched by now.

Taking any action against India will break send Pakistan to the edge off the cliff or would break an International UN code of discipline conduct or whatever, we the ordinary people of this nation only understands repossessing what's ours and ours only.

One thing is understandable by an ordinary citizen of Pakistan that the people who are in Authority in Pakistan are taking it forever to act Or Kashmir issue will remain disputed and in Indian hands forever.